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Freight Forwarding Via Dubai

Forwarding Via Dubai

Marakish Express Cargo Llc, P.O Box 293004 DUBAI UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
26534 DUBAI

TEL: +971502860158 / +97142367209

As Nurex Cargo, we make it possible for you to ship your cargo from countries that we don’t have branches to Kenya. First and foremost, instruct your shipper or supplier to forward the cargo to our Dubai hub via airlines from the country of origin.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure that your precious cargo reaches you:

  1. Initially, Instruct your shipper or supplier to book and load your consignment onto a cargo craft from the country of origin destined for the United Arab Emirates.
  2.  Above all, indicated  the Cargo Consignee as:   Marakish Express Cargo Llc,P.obox 293004 DUBAI UNITED ARAB EMIRATES,26534 DUBAI. TEL +971502860158 / +97142367209
  3. Besides, Your shipper or supplier should CLEARLY indicate in the Airway Bill (AWB):     – First- Airport of Destination is “DWC – Dubai World Central” and that “Goods are on Transit to Kenya”.-Secondly, Notify Party- Provide Full Name, address and cell number for the person receiving goods in Kenya.
  4. Once the consignment is loaded, you should request a copy of the AWB, Invoice and Packing List from your shipper and/or supplier and email them to and cc,
  5. Notably, each document listed above is very critical in facilitating Customs Clearance. Please ensure you email all off them. More so, within the shortest time possible. Basically, it’s after your consignment is dispatched from the country of origin.
  6. In that Caes, your cargo should arrive in Kenya within 7 days of receipt by our Staff in Dubai. For assistance in Forwarding Via Dubai, Kindly contact us.

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