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Nurex Cargo Air & Sea Freight


Nurex Cargo and Clearing Ltd is your number one Air Cargo and Sea Freight provider company. Moreover, we are the most dominant in Cargo and Clearing in the East Africa region. Our services are Convenient, Reliable, Secure, Affordable as well as free timely delivery.

Nurex Cargo Air & Sea Freight
Nurex Cargo Air & Sea Freight

Below are our office branches in Kenya. Nairobi is our headquarters. It located at Former KBS Garage, Eastleigh, Nairobi. Also, in the CBD it’s at Jamia Plaza second Floor. The other offices are at Nakuru, Mombasa, Kisumu, and Eldoret.

Our Air Freights are from world-leading economies. Not only Dubai – U.A.E but also  Sri Lanka, Germany, China, Vietnam, Turkey, USA, UK, India, Pakistan, France, Italy, South Africa to East Africa – Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Moreover, our Ocean freight services are likewise from China, India, Turkey, and Dubai – U.A.E.

First and foremost, we make it possible for you to ship your cargo from countries that we are not present to Kenya. What you are required to do is to instruct your shipper or supplier to forward it to our Dubai hub via airlines from the country of origin.  Click  Forwarding Via Dubai

Furthermore, if in need of a quote or pick up delivery reach us. Of course, for global shipping, the packaging is considered the most important, yet overlooked aspects. In reality, of ensuring your cargo gets to its destination in the same condition we received it, we offer professional packaging services. This happens for all types of items – including the most irregular-shaped ones.

When your cargo is received by us, we assess its original packaging and if necessary, change it to our standard packaging for general and dangerous goods for safety and acceptance by the airline. Contact us Nurex Cargo and Clearing Ltd indeed we never disappoint.



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