Affordable Air Freight to Kenya

Nurex Cargo & Clearing Ltd is your number one Air Freight provider company in the East Africa region. We offer Air Freight from world leading economies such as Dubai – U.A.E, China, USA, India, Turkey, Pakistan, South Africa, Germany, France, Italy, Vietnam and Sri Lanka to East Africa – Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. To get started to deliver a well-labeled cargo to any of our offices and we will forward to the final destination. Duration is between 3 days and one and a half weeks for most routes.  Our busy routes like Dubai to Kenya have two flights per week, every Monday and Wednesday and that can make the possible duration of three days.

Having been in this industry for over one decade, we have established relationships with industry players and therefore take great pride in being able to offer the most competitive and affordable rates for this service.

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  • How do I label my cargo?

    Label your cargo with receiver names, phone number, mode of shipping (Air / Sea) and final destination e.g. Nairobi Kenya

  • How do I pay for my cargo?

    You can pay at the origin office when delivering the cargo for freight or when collecting the cargo at final destination.

  • How will I know my cargo has arrived?

    Once your cargo arrives and ready for collection, you will receive a call from our office to collect. You can request to have the cargo delivered to your doorstep at minimum additional fees.

  • Which towns in Kenya can I collect my cargo?

    You can label the final destination as any of these towns so you can collect from the respective office – Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu.

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